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put the lime in the coconut [userpic]
So four melceys walk into a bar...
by put the lime in the coconut (fadedjae)
at October 20th, 2005 (08:43 pm)

Let's play! I forgot how we used to do it (prose? Or written like scripts?), but hey, at least I tried.

Sokia, Aren, Teselle, and Hoxe

It had been Aren's idea, really, to go to the savannah, but Sokia claimed it as her own because dammit, Aren was always getting credit for everything and he was such a dick about it sometimes. 'Sides, it wasn't like anyone would be hurt by her little lie. Aren probably woulnd't even bother to correct her because he was so goddamn superior about these sorts of things.

Teselle had come along even though Sokia had tried her best to convince the Riptide to go elsewhere. It was no use talking sense to a Riptide, however, and when Teselle's tail had started to twitch, Sokia backed away and held her tongue. Better not to offend a nutjob, Sokia had concluded wisely.

Hoxe had tagged along, too, which was pecular because Nirrus was admant about remaining at the den. Hoxe usually stuck so close to Nirrus that he was practically the other mel's shadow. Aren might have been the one to encourage Hoxe to come; Aren was always doing stuff like that, the thoughtful bastard.

Sokia sighed and stretched and then focus all her energy into watching a tiny red beetle climb its way up blade of grass. When the beetle finally reached that top, it toppled off and started the whole process over again. Wow.

"Bored," she announced after flicking the beetle into the oblivion.


Posted by: put the lime in the coconut (fadedjae)
Posted at: December 19th, 2005 10:20 pm (UTC)
(Dunno... where should we take this? More excitement? Explosions?)
hp // orly?

Sokia gaped. "Surely you jest! Not eating bugs? What are you, some sort of weirdo? Where do you get your protein, man?"

"I dunno... From normal food perhaps?" Hoxe snorted and shook his head, mystified how Sokia had managed to stay alive for so long. "We're not all troglodytes like you." (Zing! He got to insult her and use a fancy word he had picked up from Nirrus! Could the day get any better?)

"He's just jealous that he's not fast enough to catch them," Sokia assured Angelo. "Big blue ones are good, but stay away from bees. Whatever you do, do not eat bees."

Aren's ears twitched as he listened in the other conversation, but he remained seated. "Indeed. It's as if everyone has simply fallen off the face of the planet!"

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