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the worst male ever [userpic]
Psy's Mels
by the worst male ever (sadie__g)
at October 16th, 2005 (04:30 pm)

profiles of psy's mels. :B

Charges - Male - Fire

First off, Charges is mostly considered a dirty old melcey. He'll hit on anything with a pulse, the younger the better, as long as she's not related to him. He's pretty much always turned down, because he comes off as... rather creepy. Which, in truth, he is. But what are you gonna do. -shrug-

ValleyEcho - Female - Earth

Echo's the matriarch for almost half of the melceys in the realm, and she's adopted even those who aren't her children or grandchildren. Hell, she's adopted almost every melcey she's ever met. Filled to the brim with maternal instincts, she's a great one to come to if you're having a bad day. She'll stroke your fur, assure you it's all right, and then make you food. :D

Myth - Male - Darkness

Myth is the most detached and distant of the melceys in the realm--excepting Johnny C, of course. He's the sort that prowls around the edges, watching the goings-on. He's a good one to come to for advice; he has a tendency to see things very clearly, and won't bother to spare your feelings. He'll tell you the honest to god truth.

Mite - Female - Earth

Mite is nice. Honest to god nice. She considers herself the leader of this motley group of melceys, (no matter how far from the truth that is) because she was the first to come to the realm. Bouncy, happy, and sociable twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, she can really grate on your nerves, no matter how nice she is.

Acantha - Female - Fire

Acantha is almost a complete one-eighty from her sister Mite. She is not nice, and she is constantly irritable. Her favorite pastimes include complaining about things, and snapping at others. Her most intense dislike is water-themed melceys. She's arrogant, and considers her own theme to be the 'best'. As you can gather, she's rather deluded and short-sighted.

Angelo - Male - Life

Angelo is a quiet little life, the sort that gets over-looked, simply because he'd rather sit in a corner and have a philosophical discussion with a daisy rather than interact with any of his own species. If you're trying to find him, he's almost always in his garden, tending to his little friends.

Phanan - Male - Darkness

Upon first impression, Phanan comes off as a smooth, eloquent, intellectual. When in reality, the truth is anything but. He's smart, but he gets flustered and tongue-tied quite easily. Especially around females. He trips over himself and generally makes himself look like an idiot. It's kind of endearing though. :B

Castiana - Female - Water

Prim and proper. Those are definitely two words that describe Castiana. She acts like some sort of ranking noble, head always held high. Manners are quite an important thing to her. She's cool, calm, and collected. It takes a lot to get her angry, but when she does... whoah. Watch out.

Rikae - Female - Darkness

Rikae's got a temper. She's hot-headed and strong--though that doesn't necessarily mean she's mean. She just doesn't take crap from anyone. Her head is usually duct-taped rather precariously to her neck. When it falls off, she just gets that much more irritated. Don't make fun of her when her head falls off.

Sekei - Male - Darkness

Sekei is what he is. A bug-melcey. And he's okay with that. He likes it even. He's memorable, gives some people the creeps, and discourages most from annoying him. He's a bit haughty, enjoying looking down on others. Though it's mostly because he's bored. Once you get to know him, he's a nice enough guy.

Vamor'Siso - Male - Fire

In many ways, Vamor is a pushover. He's eager to please, willing to do anything for anyone, and wants everyone to be happy. He tries to keep the peace between the other mels that occassionally drive each other up the walls.

Nym - Male - Sky

The first thing you'll notice about Nym is that he talks. Incessantly. Ask him a question and he'll babble on until you stop him, reciting every fact, every bit of information he's ever heard on the subject. And then he'll go off on a tangent, talking even more. When he's told to shut up, he will, no questions asked. Until he feels the need to say something else.

Peto - Male - Moon

During daylight hours, Peto usually sleeps. If he is awake, or is woken up, he's snappy, irritable, and downright mean. But at night, he's happy, lively, sociable, an interesting and funny melcey to talk to. He's got a wicked, biting sense of humour.

Lit - Male - Sound

Lit is wonderful at what all sound-themed melceys are wonderful at. Sitting around, doing nothing but listening to music. No one has ever seen him without his headphones on--its debatable that he was born wearing them. Ask his mother. One might argue that he has no taste in music though--he'll listen to anything. I do mean anything. He doesn't speak often, but when he does, one can never be sure if he's actually speaking to someone, or just singing along.

Puck - Male - Overdrive

Puck is restless, twitchy, and obsessive-compulsive. He's got an insane memory for random trivia and facts--when you actually manage to sit him down and talk to him, he's terribly fascinating, if you can understand what he's saying through how fast he talks.

Johnny C. - Male - Darkness

You won't see him around here. Don't worry about it.

Sombra - Female - Graphite

Sombra is, first and foremost, a theatre-goer. Her favorite past-time is seeing plays, reading plays, being in plays... She likes movies as well, but it's just not the same. Something about seeing people up there, acting out life right before you... It's exhilirating. She doesn't have that typical sort of dramatic personality however. She's very mellow, more an observer of life than a participater.

Sekle-Muncier - Female - Graphite

Sekle isn't the smartest of the melceys in the realm. But she's certainly one of the most pleasant to be around. She's easy-going, happy, and enjoys the simple things in life. She's a photographer, an observer and capturer of beauty. Her self-esteem leaves something to be desired however.

Eith - Male - Fire

Eith is an adorable ball of fluff with legs. He enjoys running about, though more often then not, he'll just lose balance and go rolling. Which is a surprisingly fast and efficient way of getting around, actually. He doesn't talk much beyond the occassional 'HAAAAAY!' when trying to get someone's attention. He has a tendency to hop around yelling 'HAY!' until someone just kicks him and sends him rolling. He doesn't really mind though. It's debatable if he has pain receptors or not.

Akasma - Female - Graphite

Akasma is ridiculously vain, arrogant and selfish. She's gorgeous and she knows it. Prissy to a fault, she avoids anything that might dirty her fur. Unless when it comes to her painting. Painting is the one thing that incites such a fervor in her that she doesn't care how messy she gets. When she's finished, however, she cleans herself meticulously.

Merilth - Female - Water

Merilth is simply a sweetheart. But she's also very innocent, and very naive. She gives everyone the benefit of the doubt, no matter how mean they are or seem. She's very laidback and not all that sociable, but if someone takes the initiative to talk to her, she's always very polite and kind. Even when she probably shouldn't be.

That took WAY too long. x_x i have too many mels


Posted by: adaira (adaira)
Posted at: October 18th, 2005 07:00 am (UTC)
ever after

Ohmegee. o___o

*shrieks and resists urge to glomp Charges* I've still got a fanclub button for him floating on my hard drive.

Posted by: the worst male ever (sadie__g)
Posted at: October 18th, 2005 07:53 am (UTC)

-waves fervently to thele-

omg. i TOTALLY forgot about his fanclub xD that was awesome.

that reminds me. i need to put his beanie on his page.

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