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Keeping the past alive

(i don't want to grow up)

Faidia RPG
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The Game
This community is a place for people who adopted creatures from arborwin to role-play. Back in the days of yore, we used to play on boards and forums and a good time was had by all.

The Players
Anyone who has a pet from Faidia can join.

The Rules
+ Before playing a character, make a little profile for them and add it to the memories.
+ Write the species on your character in the Tags (i.e. If I make a post about Aren the melcey, I'll write "melcey" in the Tags box.)
+ Don't be a bastard. Be awesome.

Places to Go

People to See
fadedjae - Moderator
sadie__g - Another moderator

More Excitement
Link to bayshra!
Members' pet pages

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